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Improving Function and Enhancing Quality of Life

PEDIATRICS, ORTHOPEDICS and SPINE THERAPY CENTER is an independent outpatient multidisciplinary therapy clinic committed to provide the highest  quality of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy care in Michiana. With services suited for rehabilitating a wide spectrum of patients from Pediatrics to Orthopedics/Spinal and Sports conditions, We are proud of our uniqueness and remarkable functional outcomes.


Why Choose Us:
  • Our Expertise and Experienced Therapists
  • Affordable Programs for those with High Deductible, Out of Network or No Insurance
  • Fast Pain-Relief thru Innovation
  • Specialized Programs for your Problem Area
  • Our Desire to Make you Better
  • Individualized Care Comparable to None
  • Excellent Customer Service
Ask your physician for a referral at P.O.S. Therapy Center and let us help start you and your family to the Path of Healing!!!

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The constant in all of these programs is how the therapists at PEDIATRICS, ORTHOPEDICS and SPINE THERAPY CENTER will involve you in your care. Our goal is to restore function and enhance our patients quality of life within a safe, appropriate time frame.

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